Almost seven million tourists visit Prague each year. Visitors are amazed by the astonishing architecture and historical spirit of the Golden City and it is not surprising that Prague´s skyline is one of the best recognizable in the world. Monumental Prague Castle, artistically rich Charles Bridge, world famous Dancing House and many other sights attract people from all around the world. But the exceptionality of the Czech capital is not in its unique architecture. Enjoy City and drive Ferrari in Prague. The city is being visited by those who want to experience something special and unforgettable because it also offers a wide range of various activities.

At any season of the year, there is a wide selection of activities including commented or self-guided walking or ebike tours Prague, sightseeing flights, museums, concerts, parties, and many, many other… But among those, driving the supercar through the ancient city is one of the most popular.


Drive Ferrari in Prague with us

Have you ever driven the supercar? It combines the ultimate luxury with the feeling of absolute freedom and the excitement from the power acting at your will. With, you will have the chance to choose between Ferrari 458 Spider, Ferrari California and Maserati Grand Cabrio. All three cars will definitely fulfill your need for speed and any of them can be yours for the period of 15 minutes (or 5 km) as well as for 24 hours (with no distance limit). In the case of California and Grand Cabrio, you can share the experience with two other people who will join you and the instructor in the car. Your ride in Ferrari 458 Spider will be a solo experience as you will share it with the instructor only. Discuss the possibility of getting special rates when you and your friend will both drive in a two subsequent rides.



The Most Beautiful Stage In the World

The contrast between historical streets of Prague and the supermodern Ferrari or Maserati creates something really unique. If you decide to drive Ferari in Prague, you will multiply the experience with the city. You will touch the feelings of James Bond who has also visited the city during one of his adventures. The event is characterized with the high level of the customer comfort with reasonable prices, hotel pick-up, possibility of the videoservice, individual approach to your time needs and possibiities, friendly staff or a no-need for the deposit before shorter rides. Add this to the itinerary of your stay in Prague an you will not regret.

Adrenaline ride through the streets of Prague can be also a great gift for every man. If you like to be the centre of attention and you can appraise the power and beauty of a supercar, this will be exactly your cup of tea. The magical city of Prague provides the most beautiful stage in the world, rest is upon you!