The capital of the Czech Republic – Prague has many points of interest, be it such historical jewels as the Prague Castle, or the National Theatre, Charles Bridge or places which are very interesting and appealing as well but there are no crowds of tourist. One of those places is definitely Strahov Monastery which offers also the magnificent view of the city. Strahov Monastery stretched above the city and enables to visit magnificent Strahov Library or different frescoes, or picture gallery.

Prague points of interest – Prague Castle

To the most-sought after sights belongs for example the Prague Castle from the 10th century which used to be the center of the Přemyslid dynasty and the seat of Czech kings and in these days also the seat of the Czech president.

Prague points of interest  – Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is another Prague´s point of interest which is dated back to the 14th century when holy Roman Emperor Charles IV ruled the Roman Empire and Czech kingdom too. And this ought to be a connection between the western and Eastern Europe as the older Judith bridge was damaged after the severe floods. There are over 30 statues in here.

Prague points of interest  – Petřín lookout tower

The breath-taking view of Prague offers Petřín with its little Eiffel Tower. One can admire stunning mirror maze, rose garden for lovers, playgrounds for children, or observatory with telescopes.

Prague points of interest  – Letná Parks

Letná Parks stands for a spacy park with grassy area, old trees and bushes which are planted on the hillsides of Prague part Holašovice.  The hill enables the visitors the unique vies of the city, particularly from the Hanovský Pavilion which is cast-iron building accompanied by a restaurant.