Taking holiday Prague photos was always the necessary part of many people´s leisure travels. With the rapid development of the drones and cameras usually mounted on them, the possibilities of taking holiday pictures significantly increased. Aerial shots of beautiful locations are now easily accessible thank to affordable unmanned vehicles. But the fact that a decent drone can be bought in almost any toy shop does not mean that you can fly it anytime and anywhere. There is usually strict regulation connected to it and it is everyone´s responsibility to get to know the laws and regulations in his (or her) holiday destination. The Czech Republic and its capital, Prague, are no exception. And the truth is that if you get familiar with the rules valid in the Czech Republic, there is only one conclusion you can make – leave your drone at home and forget about the shots of Prague Castle from bird´s eye view.

Drones Over Prague

The general rules for flying drones in the Czech Republic are similar to those in many other countries, i.e. they are quite strict. On one hand, you are free to fly your drone for non-commercial reasons without any permission. But then, the problems start. In fact, you are allowed to fly over the empty areas only. It is not a problem if you want to polish your piloting skills or to grab some shots of the beautiful nature, however, it is also a clear stop to all those who want to have nice pictures or movies of historical monuments and nice architecture of the city centers. The Prague, with its many towers, stunning historical architecture or picturesque streets seems like an ideal stage for your bird´s eye movie. Unfortunately, in agreements with what was described above, this is not an option in Prague.

Grounding the drones, issuing the fine

Anyone who will violate the rules will soon get the attention of the police. Both the City of Prague Police and the Police of the Czech Republic have the authority to ground your drone, temporarily confiscate it and to start the administrative procedure which will probably lead to the fine. The tools for grounding your drone can vary from the blocking of the remote control signal by the long-distance jammers to the special police drones equipped with nets to catch your vehicle. You can bet that the reaction time of the police will be very short especially if you will use the drone over the Prague Castle. It is included in the list of sites with special protection (nuclear power plants, airports, military objects…) and the violation of the no-fly zone over it will get you really big troubles.

In general, you can count with a fine of up to 4000€. It would be definitely not a good memory of Prague. It is better to act properly and enjoy the city without a clash with the authorities.