When you visit a large city, be it Prague, Vienna, Bratislava or Berlin you should be aware of dangerous places, scams in Prague and situation that can occur just in this place. Exploring Prague can be an excellent adventure which can bring new experience to your life and unforgettable memories as well. Let us help you to have the best experience in Prague which can be so different from your home. And there are just little things that can help you spend your holiday in the heart of Europe as well as you can.

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The webpage bring the needed information about cheating and fraudulent behavior in the capital of the Czech Republic – Prague. As this city is largest one in the Czech Republic and it offers a great number of appealing places, events, or monument, it also lured the dishonest people who want to cheat you and they often misuse the other people´s honest behavior. So what to be aware of and how to avoid them? Check our web Scams in Prague and feel fresh and safe in the city of Prague.